Use Sarcasm and Win in Life!

Use Sarcasm and Win in Life!

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Funny shirts are great, including the Fluent In Sarcasm T-Shirt available at Trend Tee. Sarcasm is not always a negative thing. In fact, sarcastic individuals are very unique. Their smart-aleck personalities have a lot to admire. In a world where small talk can cause fits of yawning, a quick-witted person who says things that defy their true meaning is sort of refreshing.

How sarcasm makes you a winner at life

Expressing sarcasm is tricky territory, because it’s easy to be misunderstood. In fact, wearing a Fluent in Sarcasm T-Shirt may be a practical necessity. Others who are listening may need the tip-off. If you make a sarcastic statement, meaning that what you really think is the opposite of what you’re saying, a less sophisticated individual may draw opinions about you that are based on pure sarcasm and not on your true self.

Sarcasm can be snarky, and it can be risky. There are some potentially good things about it, though, including the following:

  • Scientists have discovered that sarcasm resides in a particular part of the brain connected to memory. If you meet someone who seems to have an innate inability to detect the sarcasm dripping from your speech, it’s literally possible they have a brain problem - maybe dementia or some other disease. You could possibly help someone get help to reverse effects of their disease by identifying that they have one.
  • You know how boys tease and pull the ponytails of the girls they like? Sarcastic people are the same way. In relationships, they add a certain kind of spice. Saying, “I hate you, you dork,” really may mean, “I love you, and you’re precious to me.” Of course, anyone who doesn’t understand the language of sarcasm may get mixed messages.
  • Sarcasm reflects a sharp wit, a quality that has always been revered. “Yeah, right” is a sarcastic comment about 23% of the time in our culture and reflects rudimentary use of sarcastic language. But there’s no denying sarcasm is deeply embedded in our culture, with children in kindergarten usually having a grasp of it.
  • Sarcasm has a lot of appreciation everywhere, but in some places more than others. If you are sarcastic in the northern states about 56% of the people will find your wit humorous. If you use sarcasm in the south, only about 35% of the people will laugh with you.

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Sarcasm really is its own language, and only a small percentage of the world’s witty people can truly master it. For those who can’t keep up, it’s benevolent to wear a Fluent in Sarcasm T-Shirt.

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