'Tis the Season of Holey Terror

'Tis the Season of Holey Terror

'Tis the season to be terrified, but too much fear can leave you traumatized—take it from me. I love scary movies, but I learned years ago that there is a thin line between being scared and subjecting yourself to ongoing torment. I try not to cross that line, but these days it’s hard.

Halloween is right around the corner and Hollywood was ready this year! The remake of Stephen King’s It has been the buzz on the big screen, but television stepped up its game, this season and is bringing some serious screams. Season 7 of American Horror Story is striking fear in the hearts of viewers everywhere. While this hit show is notorious for its binge worthy horror and pushing gory limits, the newest season takes the cake. It is so frightening, there were reports of the advertisements alone causing people to have panic attacks.

Cult, the name of this year’s edition of American Horror Story, begins by showcasing the Trump vs Hillary election, with Trump prevailing just like in “real life.” Then FX seems to be trying to pinpoint the fear in even the bravest of souls with a thick plot full of clowns, conspiracy, torture, and holes. That’s right, holes.

Trypophobiais the fear of irregular patterns and clusters of holes or bumps. When I first heard of Trypophobia, I was watching the local news. The topic was AHS and the uprising of the phobia, after its presence on the popular program. I believe in valid fears like clowns and spiders, but my first impression was that this is an irrational excuse to be afraid of something. Curiosity and boredom struck me at the same time, prompting me to see for myself.

So I watched the first few episodes with the door locked and the lights on. The intro alone made my stomach turn and my skin crawl. I haven’t been traumatized like that since Arachnaphobia came out and my fear of spiders was born. I had never thought about holes before, now suddenly they give me major anxiety. Luckily, I don’t have dibilitating Trypophobia like actress Sarah Paulson suffers from in the show, but I was affected enough to stop going to the Starbucks by my job because the cashier’s pores freak me out. Hopefully, I will get through the season and over my hatred of hole without needing therapy.

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