The Perfect Shirt for Orange is the New Black Fans

The Perfect Shirt for Orange is the New Black Fans

The Perfect Shirt for Orange is the New Black Fans

Get this Straight Outta Litchfield T-Shirt if you are all about Orange is the New Black (OITNB). This binge-worthy show is based off of Piper Kerman’s book. She served a year in prison and is the author of the memoir based off of her experiences behind bars. She was convicted of felony money laundering charges, and her memoir about prison was adapted to become OITNB. It’s a loose adaption. If you like this shirt, you may appreciate the following things you may not already know about the show. Oh, and Season 5 was just released in Netflix on June 9, 2017. Season 6 is set to start filming in July 2017.

Did you know this about Orange is the New Black?

Orange is the New Black speaks a lot to racism and other social issues. Everyone has their favorite characters. Which is yours? Here are some interesting facts about OITNB and the cast members.

  • Two of the most beloved characters are Crazy Eyes and Taystee. They used to sing together, and they’re actual real-life friends. How cool is it that they get to share the ride on Orange is the New Black together?
  • It has been observed that whenever Piper is using the telephone, a woman is always crying in the distance somewhere.
  • Some commercialism became part of the show when the book The Fault in our Stars was featured on the release of Season Two, the same day the movie made from the book was released. What’s the harm? The ladies love a great story, after all.
  • Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, didn’t audition for the role she plays. The role she went for was Piper Chapman. The show’s creator felt Prepon’s persona was a little too tough to play Piper.
  • Uzo Abuda, who plays Crazy Eyes, had decided to quit acting on the day she was offered the role.
  • Actress Kate Mulgrew plays the part of Red. She also played the part of Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek. Red and Nicky have an exchange with a Star Trek reference, in which one of them didn’t know who Spock is. Do you know which one it was?
  • The heart surgery scar you see on Nicky in one episode is a real scar. Natasha Lyonne had the surgery in 2012.
  • A lot of story lines in the show are true, though not based on the original memoir that inspired the series.

Get the T-shirt

So, are you already binging on the just-released season? Get your Straight Outta Litchfield T-Shirt and grab some popcorn.

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