My, How Things Have Changed in 30 Years

My, How Things Have Changed in 30 Years

How Things Have Changed in 30 Years

There was a time when real chivalry was demonstrated by a man who had a handkerchief ready when a woman needed it. Now, the most chivalrous or friendly thing a man might do is offer a phone charger to a stranger in need. This Got What You Need T-Shirt makes so much sense, because anyone who sees it can relate to the message. There’s a very real chance that at least 10 people who see you wearing the shirt within a single day may actually need the loan of a charger. If you think about how much things have changed, electronics has a lot to do it, though that’s not all. The following are more way things have sure changed in the last few decades.

The Difference 30 Years Can Make

The Got What You Need T-Shirt from Trend Tee is perfect for now. But there are countless messages that you could put on a t-shirt that only our parents and grandparents can truly understand. Young folks might be utterly shocked to learn just how much technology has changed in a few short decades. When it comes to techie things, it’s almost like we’ve advanced a century in short order. The following are a few examples:

  • Music wasn’t purchased online and stored on devices because there was no Internet. Music had to be physically purchased, collected, and stored. It depends on which decade you’re talking about as far as what form the music was in. There was a short-lived phenomenon called the 8-track tape. It’s now a dead format, completely obsolete. Vinyl records are, however, making a comeback.
  • Computers were gigantic not that long ago at all. The concept of a laptop was probably in the brains of only a few forward-thinking geniuses. A personal computer (PC) became feasible in 1971. Gradually during the 1980's, laptops were developed. By 1991, color screens became a common upgrade. Things have evolved amazingly since then.
  • It wasn’t that long ago that everyone who talked on a phone had to use a phone attached to a land line. Cell phones started being used in the 1980's and only became widely available and common in the 1990's. “Texting and driving” was definitely a phrase that no one would have understood in the least about 30 years ago.

Get the T-Shirt

It’s fun to wear shirts that speak to a universal experience. For anyone who wants to reach out and help someone with a dead phone battery, get the Got What You Need T-Shirt.

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