Minions Plus 3 More Things to Love about Despicable Me 3

Minions Plus 3 More Things to Love about Despicable Me 3

Minions Plus 3 More Things to Love about Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 is in theaters, where the minions are out in full force again. This is the perfect time to wear a Banana T-Shirt, to celebrate their return to the big screen. Minions are pretty darn irresistible, such as when they say “banana.” They’re just the right amount of naughty to be thoroughly loveable. These goggle-eyed creatures are among several great reasons to watch the latest installment of adventures with Gru. Be warned! This article may contain SPOILERS.

Family Friendly

Gru revealed that he’s a true family man and friend from the very first Despicable Me. In this third big-screen adventure, he discovers that he has a twin brother who grew up with their father. Unfortunately, the dad has already gone to cartoon heaven by this time. Still, the news of a brother is a very happy development for many Gru and Steve Carell fans.

All kinds of complications arise when it turns out Gru took after his dad. His twin brother reveals the exciting inventions and gadgets their dad built for purposes of villainy. Gru and Lucy have been fired from their jobs as good-guy spies. Will Gru’s dashing twin draw him back to a life of crime?

The story shows Gru putting up with his more handsome but bumbling brother. This is just one of numerous examples in the movie of family loyalty and healthy family dynamics.

Whimsy and Miracles

Margo, Edith, and Agnes are also significant parts of the story in DM3. It’s especially impressive that the movie creates another Agnes moment comparable to the unicorn scene in the original movie. No one can forget when she passionately cried, “He’s so fluffy!” This time, she’s on a quest to find a real unicorn, thanks to a fantastical tale she’s told. Edith plays the part of a loyal sister and humors Agnes. Heartwarming moments that you can practically cuddle unfold! Meanwhile, Lucy places Margo in an awkward position with a boy who ends up seriously crushing on her.


Throughout this movie, Lucy struggles with lack of self-confidence about her skills as a mom. Being a spy and all, she probably doesn’t have much experience in the area of caring for children. So the story line definitely makes sense. This part of the tale is something many blended families can relate to.


It really doesn’t take any convincing that the minions are as silly and fun as ever, does it? Get the Banana T-Shirt and celebrate these strange little characters and the movie franchise they stand for.

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