How to See the Rainbow Unicorn inside the Women in Your Life

How to See the Rainbow Unicorn inside the Women in Your Life

More Coffee Ladies T-shirt -- Click to buy!The great thing about a More Coffee Ladies T-Shirt on the Trend Tee website is that it can serve as a reminder that on the inside, a woman is like a magical rainbow unicorn. A few things are required to bring out a woman’s incredible best. Coffee before morning conversation, for instance.

A few points about the awesomeness of women

Women are freakin’ awesome. This trait is not always immediately apparent, however, such as before a woman has had her java in the morning. There are things a person must understand about women to get to the sweet rainbow unicorn inside. For instance, women can naturally multi-task like:

  • Betty Crocker can bake,
  • Chuck Norris can do a roundhouse kick,
  • Steph Curry can throw a three-pointer,
  • Michael Phelps can breaststroke, and
  • Tom Brady can throw a deflated football in the rain.

The following are more of the amazing traits that apply to a large segment of the female population. Many are qualities so beloved in a mother, though a woman doesn’t have to actually have a child to possess them:

  • Women know where things are.
  • There has never been a caregiver to match the amazing work of Mother Theresa. Women have this instinct in overflowing abundance.
  • Aware of the pain of child birth, women willingly have one or more babies.
  • A woman’s body can sustain the life of another human with breast milk.
  • Women are known for standing behind all the great men of history.
  • Although men sweat, women take on a healthy glow.
  • Women are all mysterious, like the Mona Lisa.

One more thing – an interesting fact about nature. Males are often eaten during copulation in a wide variety of species. There are no creatures, however, that kill the mother in reproduction. Perhaps it’s because women are the bedrock of life.

A few tips for enjoying the best in a woman

It’s a very good idea to treat women right. You may never see the true potential of a woman’s best self unless you give her the right kind of treatment. The following are a few suggestions:

  • Be honest. Remember that women have a Spidey-sense and usually always figure out the truth, anyway.
  • Do your best to communicate. This involves listening and speaking.
  • Express appreciation as often as possible because it’s deserved countless times every day, where most women are concerned.
  • Be respectful.
  • Support her in her interests.

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