How to Lighten Up in a Storm like Hurricane Harvey

How to Lighten Up in a Storm like Hurricane Harvey

How to Lighten Up in a Storm like Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is an 800-year flood, according to one expert. Meteorologists are all in agreement that there has never been a weather event to compare to Harvey. Hardest hit by days of rain is the nation’s 4th largest city, Houston, Texas. Countless thousands have lost everything as the sprawling city is largely underwater. Thousands and thousands of people are being rescued by boat, since their homes are flooded. This is one heavy storm, and there has never been a better time for people on every side of this disaster and the rescue and relief efforts to try to maintain a sense of levity.

When Life Gets You Down, Maintain your Sense of Humor

There are people who struggle every day because of serious health issues, and a sense of humor makes life bearable. In sudden emergencies that have devastating consequences, again, humor comes to the rescue. It’s not much different from a teapot full of boiling water that has to release pressure. It’s far better to release stress with a bit of laughter than to suffer relentlessly through fits of panic, fear, anger, or other negative feelings.

Tips for Keeping a Smile During Difficulties

Not everyone naturally possesses a sense of humor, and it’s not necessarily easy to develop one. There are, however, specific actions that can be taken purposefully that will help to lighten a heavy heart. In fact, the good news is that the following two somewhat all-encompassing tips are things anyone can do easily, if willing to do so:

  1. Just do it! Use those mouth muscles and put your lips in a smiling position. When your face does this, even if the smile lacks deep sincerity, endorphins will be released in your body, and you’ll feel better instantly. For those who don’t smile naturally, it may take some practice. After a while, you’ll notice that turning your frown upside-down is a terrific stress reducer.
  2. With the first tip, you got your face all lined up. What about your thoughts? A lot of people don’t realize it, but you really can choose your thoughts. In a scary, sad, or tragic time, allow yourself to find an upside or dwell on happy memories. Think about a time when a bad situation passed and everything that was a torment then is fine now. It’s a comfort to remember that bad things “come to pass.” Even people who are stuck with something like a lifelong disability can have a passage to something new and better through their outlook on life and finding a happy new normal.

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