Homage to Hef: 4 Interesting Facts About Mr. Playboy

Homage to Hef: 4 Interesting Facts About Mr. Playboy

I grew up being told that if I looked at a Playboy magazine, my eyes would catch on fire. I’ll never forget being 13 and having my first peek. My teenage crush swore I would be fine and pulled a stack of the nude magazines from a dresser in his parent’s room. He was right. Our eyes did not catch on fire, although I’m fairly certain that my body image burst into flames and my innocence was scorched. I accepted years ago that my chances of becoming a centerfold were about as good as my chances of becoming a unicorn, but that that didn’t stop me from being a fan. Like millions of people worldwide, I have always been fascinated with the bunnies, the mansion, but mostly, the man behind it all.

Hugh Hefner, the editor in chief of one of the most controversial publications of our time, has left the building, but not without leaving an undeniable impression on the world. His passing on September 27th, 2017, marked the sad ending to his radical reign over the adult entertainment empire that he created.

Little-known facts about Hef

Hefner was a courageous visionary and could easily be considered one of the most interesting men who ever lived. In honor of the legendary ladies’ man, here are some fascinating facts about the Pajama Man:

  • Hugh Hefner was a “late bloomer.” He lost his virginity at age 22. Clearly, he made up for lost time! In his later years, he claimed to have slept with around 2000 women. But who’s counting?
  • He released the first issue of Playboy in December of 1953. He was so unsure if there would ever be a second that there was no sign of the date or his name on the cover. Despite the massive controversy the first nude magazine caused, it was an enormous success and absolute game changer. Sixty-four years later issues are still corrupting minds in homes across the nation.
  • Hef drank an estimated 36 Pepsi’s a day! He lived to be 91 years old...maybe he was onto something…
  • Hugh Hefner holds not one but two Guinness World Records. He started scrapbooking every day of his life as a teenager and continued on until his collection became untouchable. He also took the record for being the longest serving editor in chief of a magazine.

He lived to be 91 years old and died peacefully in his sleep at the Playboy Mansion, surrounded by loved ones. He is laid to rest next to Marilyn Monroe, who was his first featured “Playboy Bunny.” Regardless of the controversy that undoubtedly swarmed his career, he lived life to the fullest and in the process, he lived out the fantasies of millions. We’re gonna miss you Hef!

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