Find Your Hidden Rock Star or Just Wear a Pop Culture T-Shirt

Find Your Hidden Rock Star or Just Wear a Pop Culture T-Shirt

Find Your Hidden Rock Star or Just Wear a Pop Culture T-Shirt

Get a Ziggy Stormtooper T-Shirt to rock some pop culture with imagination. David Bowie, a rock star from England who famously has an alter ego named Aladdin Sane, is also symbolized with this red and blue lightning bolt, symbolic of another alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. The fifth studio album by Bowie was named “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” and it was released in 1972. This great t-shirt connects Bowie back to those sci-fi roots. There is no end to the creative ways a fan might pay homage to the iconic rock star. He is perhaps the greatest chameleon of all the rock stars, and now he may just be hiding behind the faceless mask of a Star Wars Stormtrooper.

How to Look Like a Rock Star

David Bowie perhaps wrote the book on how to be the world’s prime example of a bona fide rock star. These people, who ride on pedestals in the sky, are impossible to miss in a crowd. One of the coolest looks someone could have is that of a rock star! Even a nameless, faceless, usually invisible Stormtrooper suddenly has an amazing identity with one symbol of the iconic David Bowie. If you wanted to resemble a rock star, too, you could simply wear the Ziggy Stormtrooper T-Shirt. Or you could follow any of the ideas below:

  • Blue jeans are an absolute must for a rock star. There is no other fabric, other than possibly leather, that would be appropriate for a person of rock star status. The potential for different styles in a pair of jeans is probably limitless. They might be skinny jeans, bell-bottomed, or full of strategic holes and tears. Jeans can be dark or completely faded and washed out. The important thing is to get jeans that look great on you and that aren’t completely run-of-the-mill denim pants.
  • Grooming is another essential to sport the look of a rock star. The basic standard is to look as though your hair has not been blow-dried or brushed. It should not look as though it contains mousse or gel. Hair dye is fine, as long as your hair is some shade of black. Nail polish should be worn and it must be black, as well.
  • Finally, you need to have an element of real leather in your wardrobe. A vest will do, though you may choose to have a leather motorcycle jacket with studs. Avoid the look of a motorcycle gang emblem on the back, because that doesn’t scream “rock star.”

Get the T-Shirt

Looking cool doesn’t have to be as complicated as resembling a rock star, however. Simply get your Ziggy Stormtrooper T-Shirt plus a lot more perfect pop-culture shirts at

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