Don’t Miss National Bowling Month!

Don’t Miss National Bowling Month!

Don’t Miss National Bowling Month!You may have missed National Bowling Day, which was August 13, 2017. It is observed every second Saturday in August. But it may not be too late for you to celebrate bowling with some discounts. Some local alleys are offering free games for children through August 31 in a nationwide program called Kids Bowl Free program. Parents can join the fun for discounted prices. Like this great shirt says, if you missed the big day, oh, well – “Split” Happens! It’s okay! There’s much to love about bowling, amidst the frustrations of the game, even when you have to pay for it.

Bowling might be harder than you think

Are we talking normal bowling or are we talking competitive bowling? There are some interesting differences. Did you know that the patterns on the lanes differ in ways that can call for changes in approach? House patterns are the lanes we see for everyday bowling. The Professional Bowlers Association has various sports patterns that are used for different tournaments. For example: Shark is a long pattern, Cheetah is a short pattern, and Viper is a medium pattern. On long patterns, there is less chance of a curve in the ball. With a short pattern, a hook is more likely. So bowling can really be tricky! The following are a few of the other potential challenges or frustrations about bowling:

  • Getting the right ball can be tough. For serious bowlers, there are many options of balls to purchase. Of course, if you are using one from the bowling alley, you have the standard choices. Still, who knows which ball to pick? One clear sign that you have the wrong ball is if it’s too heavy for you to hold and control during release. Some people go the practical route and just choose their favorite color.
  • Gutter balls can really be bummers. For the truly challenged, round up a child to play with and use bumpers so that you can knock down those pins on just about every throw.
  • The worst splits are nigh impossible to turn into spares. Hence the pun on the shirt.

Get the t-shirt

Another frustration about bowling is you can’t even do a simple search on Google to find the name of the different kinds of splits. This is just another truth to go with the Split Happens Long Sleeve T-Shirt from

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