Anything Is Possible--Thanks YouTube!

Anything Is Possible--Thanks YouTube!

Anything is Possible--Thanks YouTube!

Now more than ever you can embrace your awkwardness, dream big, and become successful by being yourself! The Internet is the perfect forum for an endless range of talents.

When I was a kid, my very religious, very white mom wanted to be a rapper. She wrote an original rap to the tune of Gangster’s Paradise and paid good money to have it recorded at a professional studio. True story. I was pretty young, but I’m assuming she thought it was a hit because she took her single on tour. She performed at every penitentiary she could book. It was super awkward and wrong on so many levels. Needless to say, it was not her ticket to fame. She was so serious, though. I now realize that she was just ahead of her time. If she could have posted a video showcasing her Christian rendition of Gangsta's Parade being performed in front of a bunch of male convicts, it would’ve undoubtedly gone viral and been the subject of several remixes.

Once you're online, we all know that the Internet is full of trolls who are prepared to rip us to shreds at any time, but let’s give a big shout out to those of you who use your Internet powers for good instead of evil.

Cardi B is a great example of the power of the Internet’s positive vibes. She made history this week when she went number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. A single, female artist hasn’t achieved this in nineteen years, since Lauryn Hill released Doo Wop (“that thing..thaat thing..thaat thiiiing”). Most people know who Lauryn Hill is, but even if they don’t, they probably know the song. It’s a classic. Cardi B burst onto the social media scene with her hip-hop hit, Bodak Yellow, bumping legendary Taylor Swift from the top spot.

I’m not sure what a Bodak is or why it’s yellow. The song is more commonly referred to as Money Moves, which is green, but I digress. The social media star soared to the top of the charts, based on record sales, by people loving her and simply supporting her movement. Her single probably won’t be something our grandchildren use to turn up, but it is a big indication of the success in store for her. Cardi B was the first one to say that she did not get into the industry to be a role model, but she is true to herself and has become a true inspiration. Some people say she is another one hit wonder, but I say more power to you Cardi! We are so glad you “ain’t gotta dance now!”

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