5-Plus Reasons to Celebrate the Joy of BBQ

5-Plus Reasons to Celebrate the Joy of BBQ

5-Plus Reasons to Celebrate the Joy of BBQItโ€™s July, which is one of the months when most people go outdoors and enjoy some good ol' BBQ. Anyone who appreciates all the wonderful things about grilling meat may be a fan of this Spirit Animal V-Neck T-Shirt. Why let vegans be the only ones who celebrate their choices of diet while looking down on meat-eaters, who they sometimes consider villains of a sort? The good Lord gave us animals for food, and thereโ€™s nothing wrong with that. In fact, some would say there is not much thatโ€™s more American than a backyard barbecue.

Top Reasons to BBQ

We have enough conflict in the world right now. Not trying to invoke a vegan versus meat-eater war here. Wouldnโ€™t it be nice if each of us would respect one another for the fact that we are humans making choices, same as everyone? The choice of eating meat is one that is backed with Biblical sanctions. There is no reason to mention this other than the fact that everything that has previously been as accepted and as natural as breathing seems to have come under some kind of fire. Well, the only fire that belongs with BBQ is the charcoal or propane kind.

The following are some of the many excellent reasons to proclaim BBQ as your Spirit Animal:

  • When you cook a slab of meat of some kind over natural flames, the food becomes infused with the smoke. It really adds a lot to the flavor, especially if you really know how to BBQ right. Not just meat, either - vegetables and fish are also excellent on the barbecue.
  • A BBQ is the perfect place for everyone to put away their little screens and socialize with one another. Many backyards these days have full-blown kitchens with grills and, of course, swimming pools. Summer fun at its best involves BBQ, friends, family, and swimming.
  • You donโ€™t only have to BBQ at home. Camping is another superb summer activity that should always be accompanied with some meat grilling on a BBQ pit.
  • Grilling on a pit adds a whole new dimension to cooking. Forget about being cooped up in a kitchen. Preparing food outside is so much more fun, and the food tastes better, too.
  • You can have fun experimenting with grilling. If you have vegan friends, creating some delicious barbecued, meatless concoctions that they can enjoy could be very satisfying. Anything is possible!

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Do you believe animals are for eating? Get your Spirit Animal V-Neck T-shirt today or choose another shirt style that you may prefer.

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